Feel confident with comfortable and secure implant-supported dentures.

Missing teeth? Our oral surgeons offer a variety of implant-supported replacement options that will make your dentures more secure and comfortable to wear.

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There are some great options for implant-supported dentures nowadays. We want to educate you on the options that will work best for your mouth, and present your choices in a way that is clear, simple and complete.

Our office uses the latest technology to ensure your safety and satisfaction, and we are committed to helping you feel at ease before, during and after your surgery.

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What’s better than dentures?


Although traditional dentures work for some, many patients find them difficult and uncomfortable to wear, especially when it comes to eating and speaking. Here at Mission Oral Surgery, we have the technology and experience to offer our patients several implant-supported replacement options to create a more comfortable and durable fit for your dentures. 

Why implant-supported dentures?

  • Improves chewing and speaking
  • Natural looking
  • Supports jaw health
  • Implants offer improved stability

Solutions for missing lower teeth

1. Ball Attachment Denture: One option is to have two implants placed in your lower jaw and a denture made that snaps onto these implants. This option allows your lower denture to be more stable while chewing than without implants. However, there will still be movement of your lower denture, and sore spots will occur if any food particles, especially seeds, are caught underneath.

2. Bar Attachment Denture: Another option involves placing four to six implants, depending on your jaw size or shape, into your lower jaw. After healing is complete, the implants are connected with a custom-made support bar.


Your denture will be made with special internal retention clips that attach onto the support bar, enabling the denture to snap firmly into place. This is called an “overdenture.” The advantage of this option is that it is much more stable than the first option and allows very little denture movement. Your denture is still removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

3. Screw Retained Denture: This denture will replace all your missing lower teeth and will not be removed except at maintenance visits. Although cleaning under your denture without removing it is more time consuming and requires more dexterity, many patients who want a permanent denture prefer this option.


Screw retained dentures involves placing five or more implants in your jaw and attaching a permanent denture. Your denture is held in place by screws or clasps that secure it to the support posts or bar. It doesn’t touch the gum tissue, which allows you to clean under the denture without removing it.

If you’re interested in trying another option besides dentures, we also offer individual dental implants. Click to learn more about dental implants.

Solutions for missing upper teeth

Our team still has plenty of treatment options available for your upper jaw. However, the bone is not as hard as the lower jaw, so many patients need more implants to support their new replacement teeth.

Depending on the number of implants to be placed, it may be possible to eliminate the need for covering the roof of your mouth with a complete denture.

By uncovering the roof of your mouth, you will experience a few additional perks:

Food will be more enjoyable!

  • A better sense of your meals temperature in your mouth.
  • Speaking will be easier.
  • Your denture will be removable, which makes cleaning and maintenance much easier.
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