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Specialized oral and facial surgery

One of the ways we can relieve any anxiety before your treatment is through clarity. You will be informed about your care in a way that’s clear, simple, and complete.

Feel the best you can before, during, and after your treatment with the help of the latest technology, expertise, and friendly team.

Dental implants

Enjoy all foods or replace dentures with this durable solution to missing teeth.

Wisdom teeth

After a thorough exam, determine if you will benefit from a wisdom tooth removal.

Jaw surgery

Correcting your jaw alignment can improve chewing, speaking and breathing.

Bone grafting

The ability to grow bone gives more people a chance to receive dental implants.


Besides eliminating wrinkles, Botox® can be used to relieve migraines and TMJ disorder.

Facial trauma

Trust oral surgeons who are well-versed in the art and science of facial reconstruction.

Impacted canines

Early recognition of impacted canines is key to a successful treatment.

Lumps and lesions

Physicians and dentists refer to us to evaluate soft tissues in the mouth.

Calgary Oral Surgeons

Meet our surgeons

As oral and maxillofacial surgeons, Dr. Edwards and Dr. Goos are highly referred by dentists and physicians to treat problems relating to facial pain, jaw pain, and fractures. They trust that Dr. Edwards and Dr. Goos will provide the comfort and care patients need to improve their quality of life.

Mission Oral Surgery has been an essential partner in many Calgary dental clinics for implants and re-building bone structure with minimal surgical intervention.

Dr. Richard W. Edwards

Dr. Richard W. Edwards


Dr. R. Ryan Goos

Dr. R. Ryan Goos


Re-imagining the oral surgery experience with real understanding, real care, and real people.

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